About Us

Our mission is to create and consolidate a new orientation on the dynamic translations’ market, by means of our
translation agency, specialized in legal and business translations.
This specialization does not exclude translations from other fields (technical, medical, etc.) that are processed and
delivered at the same high quality standard.
Legal translations are carried out by our team of dedicated professionals, which consists of: certified and
sworn translators, lawyer-linguists, specialized reviewers and proofreaders.

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Medical and pharmaceutical translations

medical leaflets, clinical trials, clinical surveys, articles on medical or pharmaceutical topics, medical treaties…

IT translations and website localization

video games, user guides for desktop & laptop computers, printers and other peripheral devices, technical…

Technical and military translations

civil engineering, architecture, installations, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and electrical engineering…

Legal translations

contracts, court documents (subpoenas, statements, decisions and awards etc.), indictments, powers of…

Financial and marketing translations

Balance sheets, tax returns, annual financial statements, activity reports, business documents (company…

Tourism-related translations

websites for translation agencies, for airlines, hotels, car rental agencies etc…

Scientific translations and translations in the field of social sciences

mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, religion, anthropology, linguistics, history, journalism.

Literary translations

dissertations, fiction, biographies, memoires, journals, poetry, short stories.


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