dissertations, fiction, biographies, memoires, journals, poetry, short stories.

mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, religion, anthropology, linguistics, history, journalism.

websites for translation agencies, for airlines, hotels, car rental agencies etc.

Balance sheets, tax returns, annual financial statements, activity reports, business documents (company presentation, company by-laws), IPOs (initial public offering), marketing surveys, focus group translations, advertising and publicity materials etc.

contracts, court documents (subpoenas, statements, decisions and awards etc.), indictments, powers of attorney, civil status documents, study documents and others.

civil engineering, architecture, installations, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and electrical engineering, aerospace engineering and the list is not exhaustive. In this field we translate technical specifications, manuals, tender documents, technical projects and drawings, product sheets and others.

video games, user guides for desktop & laptop computers, printers and other peripheral devices, technical manuals, software installation guides and many others.

medical leaflets, clinical trials, clinical surveys, articles on medical or pharmaceutical topics, medical treaties, patient sheets, medical analyses bulletins, medical letters, pharmaceutical patents and others.