Rates are based on the specificity of the project.
For linguistic services involving written translations, prices are calculated per word or per page. An hourly rate applies for interpreting services. We provide various, flexible price options, tailored to your needs, as well as subscription rates.

Rates for related services supplied directly by our office, such as counseling, DTP, specialized project management and maintenance, are calculated on an hourly basis. The remaining rates (for legalization and courier) are set by the partner notary public offices and express delivery firms.

Rates for linguistic Services

Rates for translation

Rates for translation are established following a personalized analysis of your project.

Written translations are calculated on a per word or per page basis, depending on the client’s preferences.

Translation rates may vary depending on the following factors:

  • type of translation (certified translation or sworn translation);
  • field and degree of specialization of the text;
  • delivery deadline (normal deadline or urgent deadline);
  • The format in which the document is received or delivered (electronically or in paper format).

We can provide at anytime non-binding offers for your projects. Therefore, for a free and fast quote, you can send us your documents by clicking here.

Review services

Our policy is to ensure specialized review services, upon client’s request, only for documents translated in house, by our translators.

As in the case of translations, rates for review may vary depending on the degree of specialization and on the delivery deadline.

Quotes for review are established from the beginning, per client’s request and remain part of our contractual agreement.

Rates for interpreting services

Rates for interpreting services are calculated either on a per hour, or on a per day basis, depending on the duration of the project.

In the case of rates applied for an entire interpreting day, we offer a discount on the standard hourly rate.

Interpreting rates may vary depending on the following circumstances:

  • type of interpreting services (simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting) simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter renders simultaneously the speech, using special equipment, from a booth, and consecutive interpreting is preferable in the case of smaller groups of persons, the interpreter intervening after the speaker has finished their speech;
  • place where the services are offered: the rate varies if accommodation and travel fees are necessary for the interpreter;
  • duration of the assignment;
  • field and degree of specialization of the discussions which will take place, as well as the existence of reference materials (supplied by the client).

Rates for related services

Consultancy and management for projects or translation memories (maintenance of translation memories)

The rates for this kind of services are expressed per hour of effective work and are negotiated in advance with the client. For the project management services, in the case of permanent collaborations, we can provide subscription-based rates, tailored to the needs of the client.

Rates for desktop publishing (DTP) services and for printouts

Rates for these services are calculated per page. In this case, the measurement unit is the physical page, as it will appear the moment it is printed.

Rates for DTP may vary depending on the content of the page (percentage of text, percentage of graphics, special formatting, required graphic design software, etc.), and on the language (certain fonts and characters require special processing). Please feel free to contact us anytime for a personalized, free quote.

The rate for printing out documents is applied, in general, to the translations that must be notarized. It is calculated for a physical page (market rate) and for volumes exceeding 50 pages (or 13,500 words), discounts are provided.

Rates for notarization of documents and for pick-up & delivery of the translated documents

Rates for the notarization of documents are the standard rates applied by the partner notary public offices, to which the courier rate, applied by our agency, is added. This rate is negotiated depending on the number of documents to be notarized.

The pick-up & delivery of documents from and to the client’s office is made using express delivery services, and the rates, in this case, are the ones applied by the respective delivery firms. For documents that exceed 50 pages (the equivalent of 13,500 words), documents are transported for free, locally and under normal regime.